The Clever Visual Metaphor for the Abstract Concept of Thought are visual metaphors used to personify the abstract concept of thought in SpongeBob's mind. They appear in the episode "Squilliam Returns."


They are all sponges that look very similar to each other, except for the "boss" who wears a green visor. Other than this, they look like many smaller SpongeBobs who are hard at work. They all work in the brain office.

Role in episode

They are forced to empty everything in SpongeBob's mind, except for fine dining and breathing. Among the things that are seen being thrown out were jellyfishing, childhood memories, spice garden tips, and math.

The boss asks "What do you think I'm paying you for?" and a SpongeBob says that they do not exist. The boss then threatens to fire the SpongeBob, in which he begs and says that he has three kids.

The Mini-Spongebobs are later seen again when Squilliam asks for Spongebob's name. Having trouble finding the name among their files, the Mini-Spongebobs panic when they realize they accidentally discarded the name along with everything else, and the issuing chaos causes Spongebob's brain to literally break in two, and Spongebob to go insane.


Sponges (VE)

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