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Cletus Junior is a trenchbilly fish who appears in the episode "Trenchbillies." He is the main antagonist of the episode.


He is a trench billy with purple skin who has long brown hair, light yellow eyes with no pupils, a long brown mustache, and a southern drawl. He wears a torn, light green shirt with patches, torn brown pants, and a torn hat with a patch as well. He is seen carrying a pitchfork at certain times.

Role in episode

He has suspicions about SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs. He loves to fight crime, with his clownfish nephew, Jordan Klein. He is one of the best hillbillies of the clan. He really likes Krabby Patties as well.


  • Since it is too dark to see anything deep in the sea, animals who live there are blind, some having their eyes covered with a layer of skin. Cletus and his skin display this trait.
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