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The clamdiggers are a group of characters who appear in the comic Split Decision.


They are a large group of multi-colored fish and eels.

Role in comic

They show up at the Krusty Krab for food. Mr. Krabs notices and quickly calls SpongeBob to tell him to go into work on his day off. SpongeBob splits in half and his left half goes to work. When SpongeBob arrives, they are waiting in line by the cash register.

He then makes 600 Krabby Patties for them, and Mr. Krabs asks him to wait some tables. SpongeBob asks the clamdiggers if they're ready to order, and they all surround him and start ordering. SpongeBob then cooks for six hours to feed all the clamdiggers.


  • They may be a parody of gold diggers, which are people that dig for gold. This is because clams are known to produce pearls, which are valuable like gold.


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