Claire St. Claire is a character that appears in the episode "Krusty Koncessionaires." He is the leader of the famous band "The Low Tides."


He is a purple octopus that wears a cap with a little blue anchor in the middle (similar to the Krusty Krab employee hat), dark glasses, a red tie, a yellow vest with a dark blue neck and has mustache and beard.

Role in episode

Squidward is excited to see him play in Bikini Bottom along with "The Low Tides," but Mr. Krabs wants to sell Krabby Patties in the concert, in middle of the plan, SpongeBob starts shooting Krabby Patties at the band. Forcing them to go away.

Then Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and SpongeBob play "Peg Leg Waltz" (without ukulele; with castanets, flute and clarinet).

Afterwards, Claire St. Claire comes to the stage and says Squidward played really well, and Squidward faints from happiness.

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