The City Hall is a building that appears in the episode "Cave Dwelling Sponge."



The exterior of the building is shown to be made of all metal, with four large Parthenon-shaped bricks attached to the front entrance, with a stairway leading up to the door. On top, there is a triangle-shaped rim, which supports the bricks onto place. There is another door with a smaller staircase, located in the left side of the building. Lastly, there is a tall flag attached to a pole outside of the building.

Role in episode

It is first described by Perch Perkins of how Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob go to the City Hall to confront the wild beast. Spongy Spongy is on the roof of the City Hall and SpongeBob goes up after him. Spongy Spongy is interested in the squeaking sound of SpongeBob's shoe, and they both perform a dance on the roof. Then, shortly after, Spongy Spongy likes the shoes and grabbed them from SpongeBob's feet and tries placing them on his feet.

Unfortunately, the shoes are too tight and rip. This causes Spongy Spongy to become so angry, that he jumps forcefully in the air. As a result, the roof breaks and the whole building collapses.
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