Chumbalaya is a food from the Chum Bucket that appears in the episode "Lame and Fortune" and the book You Can't Keep a Good Sponge Down. It is often seen on the menu in the Chum Bucket.


It is a piece of long and skinny chum that is put together on a stick. It is marked with a "new" sign on the menu.

Role in series

"Lame and Fortune"

Karen feeds Chumbalaya to customers at the Chum Bucket after they agree to eat there due to the fortune cookies, despite finding the food disgusting.

Role in You Can't Keep a Good Sponge Down

Plankton is happy that even if he does not have the Krabby Patty secret formula, he still has Chumbalaya.


  • It is a parody of the Creole dish Jambalaya.
  • Plankton mentions that the Chum Bucket's special of the day is Chumbalaya in "F.U.N."

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