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Chum World is a short-lived theme park established by Sheldon J. Plankton in the video game Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.



The theme park has three statues of Plankton (one of them buried in sand), a miniature golf course (Chum Putt), a roller-coaster, and a big top. The player needs a ferry ticket to get there (one of only two areas in the game that are not accessed by a bus), however, the player must go to a bus stop first.

Role in SpongeBob SquarePants

To access Chum World, the player must first complete the last food delivery mission in Downtown Bikini Bottom. When SpongeBob delivers the food to 11 Seashell Street, he will see a strangely dressed delivery boy already giving the customer his food. SpongeBob then notices that something fishy is up with Mr. Krabs. He questions the cheap restaurant owner, but he comes out clean, truthfully having no idea about the whole mix-up. This is confirmed when Mr. Krabs is hypnotized and kidnapped by the Flying Dutchman, and the delivery boy is still running around Bikini Bottom in his delivery suit.

SpongeBob decides to take the narrator's advice and secretly follows the delivery boy, which is revealed to be Patrick. He finally leads the detective to the Chum Bucket, where a false, yet believed to be, Mr. Krabs slinks around from the side of the Chum Bucket. After the two false Krusty Krab contributors talk about their latest deliveries (The ones SpongeBob delivered), false Mr. Krabs starts to become angry at Patrick's stupidity. His frustration only increases as SpongeBob finally interrupts the conversation and accuses Mr. Krabs of trying to put himself out of business. Then, a rage-triggered explosion occurs, and the phony Eugene is revealed to be Plankton in a robot suit, showing that Patrick did have no clue of his plot. Plankton then mentions Chum World, "the greatest attraction to ever hit Bikini Bottom," which even SpongeBob admits to it sounding fun. The phony Mr. Krabs then says that all of the Bikini Bottomites will spend so much money there, they won't have any money left to buy any Krabby Patties. Finally, he says he is going to Jellyfish Fields. Then, a jellyfish appears with the bus ticket to Jellyfish Fields. SpongeBob must catch that jellyfish to obtain the ticket.

When SpongeBob arrives at Jellyfish Fields, Plankton will be standing at the entrance of Jellyfish Cliffs. He tells SpongeBob that if he sees any clowns from Chum World frolicking around Jellyfish Fields to tell them that they need to get back to work. As all clowns in the game seem to be, this clown is a good dealmaker, and starts to bargain with SpongeBob. Finally, they come to an agreement. If SpongeBob can defeat him in a fight, he can have his bus ticket to Chum World. However, if the yellow sponge gets defeated, the clown's presence at Jellyfish Fields goes by unnoticed, and SpongeBob does not get the ticket. With only a single strike, SpongeBob wins, and the clown decides to look for another job. Then, SpongeBob grabs the ticket, and heads out to Chum World.

When he arrives at Chum World, SpongeBob collects all of the titles except one. SpongeBob confronts Plankton for the title and he starts to flee, leading to a chase. Plankton heads for a pipe to escape in but SpongeBob successfully catches Plankton and takes the title before he can escape. Plankton calls him a "Meddling Sponge!" before walking away in defeat.

Associated characters

  • Sheldon J. Plankton - Founder
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Customer
  • Clown fish - Employees


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