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Chum Krabs, also known as Chummy, is a character that appears in "My Two Krabses."


He is a sentient monster made from chum. He has two eyestalks, with only one eye on top of the left eyestalk. He has many tongues and tentacle-like appendages. When posing as Mr. Krabs, he has the shell and clothes of the original Mr. Krabs, but he has chum in his mouth and chum for legs.

Role in episode

He is made by SpongeBob and Patrick after they think Mr. Krabs had melted, since he had a date with Mrs. Puff to attend. They teach him how to act like the original Mr. Krabs and have him go on the date the original Mr. Krabs had with Mrs. Puff. When the actual Mr. Krabs finds out, he tries to stop Chum Krabs from dating his girlfriend, but he gets kicked out by SpongeBob and Patrick. The two crabs have a fight, which Mr. Krabs wins since Chum Krabs melts.

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