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The Chum Coliseum is a gladiator place that was created by Plankton as a replacement for the Chum Bucket in the episode "Spongicus."


The Chum Coliseum is a theater with medieval-like features. It has fighting, battles, and much more. Inside there is a stadium where there is an audience watching battles, and fights. It is the replacement of the Chum Bucket in the episode.

Role in the episode

Patrick goes in to face the wild lion-like fish called the lion fish. Fish from Bikini Bottom sit down, relax, eat many chum products, and watch the games. Patrick and SpongeBob both try to run from the lion fish, but a blood sausage falls, and the lion fish is tamed by the sausage and eats it. The rest of the sausages fall on Plankton, and the lion fish eats the sausages and eventually Plankton himself.


Chum Bucket (VE)

Owner: Sheldon J. Plankton

Current employees: Karen PlanktonSpot

Former employees: SpongeBob SquarePantsPatrick StarSquidward Tentacles

Variations: Krusty BucketChum CavernsChum Caverns Gift ShopChum ColiseumCrumb BasketCookie BucketChumporium

Machines: CashinaChumbotGhost extracting machineTransmogrifierSimmySpongeBot SteelPantsTallyRobot KrabsRobot SpongeBobPlankton's robotKaren 2Majestic SizzlemasterBaby gas

Food: ChumChum Bucket SupremeChum nuggetsChumstickChum FricasseeChumbalayaChum PattiesChumburgerCrispity CrunchitiesFree Sample Krabby PattyRaw Sewage

Other: Chum Bucket gloveChum detonatorChum Bucket bucket helmetSea antsCave dwellers

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