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Chocolate? Chocolate? Chocolate! Chocolate!

The chocolate bar is a candy that first appears in the episode "Life of Crime" and has its first major role in "Chocolate with Nuts."


The chocolate bar has had four different looks.

"Life of Crime"

It is seen as a rectangle that is skinny and long. It is also brown and reads "candy" in pink and in all capital letters.

"Chocolate with Nuts" and "House Fancy"

It is seen as a fat rectangle shape and is deep purple with thin goldish-yellow sides. It has a red diagonal line going from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.

"Safe Deposit Krabs"

It is seen once again a rectangle, but this time, it is half-eaten, has blue wrapping paper, and pink text that reads "chocolate" in capital letters on the wrapper.

Role in series

"Life of Crime"

Chocolate bars play a major role for the climax in this episode. After Patrick thinks they are going to starve, SpongeBob takes out two chocolate bars for them to eat, saying that they must make them last for the rest of their lives. Patrick ends up eating his chocolate bar immediately but then does not know what happened to it. He then accuses SpongeBob of taking his chocolate bar and wants him to give it back. SpongeBob tries to tell Patrick that he already ate his but Patrick does not believe him. SpongeBob even offers to share his chocolate bar but Patrick still thinks he stole his.

SpongeBob gets fed up with Patrick's accusations and finally decides to eat his chocolate bar. He eats it very slowly as a means to mentally torture Patrick.

"Wet Painters"

After Patrick suggests that he and SpongeBob take out a dollar bill from his wallet to replace Mr. Krabs' first dollar on which they got "permanent" paint, SpongeBob agrees with this idea and encourages him to do so. However, Patrick decides to waste it on a chocolate bar from Mr. Krabs' candy machine.

"Chocolate With Nuts"

For the entire episode, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to sell chocolate bars in order to start living the fancy life. In the beginning, they do not do so well, as they are constantly being chased by a crazed Tom yelling "Chocolate!" and being tricked by the con man, though SpongeBob and Patrick did not know that they were being tricked the entire time.

SpongeBob finally gets an idea to sell chocolate by "stretching the truth." This works out to much success, as they manage to sell many bars of chocolate to most of the people of Bikini Bottom. However, they end up being tricked once again by the con man after he fakes being in a full body cast.

When SpongeBob and Patrick look like they are going to give up, Tom appears again and scares them. However, he ends up buying all of SpongeBob and Patrick's chocolate, with a huge stack of money, much to their surprise. They end up buying a fancy restaurant and go on a date with Incidental 87 and her mother.

SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

When Patrick is scanned by the Mawgu Lair technology machine he is given a chocolate bar.

"House Fancy"

When Squidward commands SpongeBob to do a task so simple that even someone without a brain can do it, the latter informs the former that he gave his brain to Patrick in exchange for two chocolate bars. He is later seen eating them when he is stuck inside Squidward's vacuum cleaner.

"Safe Deposit Krabs"

It appears in the bank breaking kit.


  • In "Chocolate with Nuts," Patrick calls them "chocolate bars," but in "Life of Crime," he calls them "rectangles."
  • SpongeBob licking the chocolate bar in "Life of Crime" has become a popular internet meme.
    • The same goes for Tom's exclamation of "Chocolate!" in "Chocolate with Nuts."

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