Leave my father alone!
— Chip Plankton II, Karen's Baby
If you were looking for the article about the food, then see Chip (food).
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Chip Plankton II is the son of Plankton and Karen. He debuts in the episode "Karen's Baby."



He’s a small silver calculator with green eyes and a light pink baby bonnet. He eventually grows chubby baby-like arms and legs in this form.


He’s a mini silver typewriter with skinny arms and legs and green eyes. He also has paper sticking out of his head.


He’s a video game console that resembles a Game Boy Advance. He has a skinny body with skinny arms and legs, a green mouth and eyes on his screen  and wears a backwards red cap.

Young Adult

He’s a mobile computer like his mother Karen. He carries a orange backpack and has a green mouth and eyes on his screen.


He’s a full grown ATM that wears a red necktie and a nametag. He also still has his same green eyes and has arms.


He was sent to the Chum Bucket by a stork drone. Plankton didn't like Chip very much, but Karen always took care of him. Later Chip grows arms and legs, learning to walk. Becoming a child, he and his mother went to the arcade so he can make friends. Chip goes to one of the games, which are very violent for him. Once he turned into teenager, he says a bad word to his mother for stopping his game. Plankton says to Chip that he can run away, which Chip does. After Karen founds out what Plankton said to him, she sends him to find their child. Meanwhile, Chip goes to a bad company of abandoned machines, who want to tear him apart. After Plankton finds Chip, machines start going after him, and Chip does everything to save his father and succeeds. After Chip grows to a young adult, he goes to college and after graduating he works as an ATM in bank.


  • This is the third character named "Chip" in the series, the first being Chip (food) and the second being Chip (fish).
  • He was named after his maternal great-grandfather.
  • Chip has a similar appearance to Karen when he’s a Young Adult.
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