Chinese Food is a Chinese restaurant that appears in the episode "Lame and Fortune."


The exterior is similar to a dojo with yellow walls and a black roof. The roof is decorated with two dragon-like gargoyles on the top. Below those, there is a huge sign that says "CHINESE FOOD." There is a large wooden door in front of a small set of stairs, with a smaller wooden wall surrounding the door. There is a neon open sign to the right and above the door, there is a red banner with gold Chinese letters. Along with the banner, there are 4 red lanterns hanging down. On the inside, the walls have black curtains. The tables are brown.


When Plankton reads one of the fortunes inside a fortune cookie, it says "You will go on a long voyage where you will get everything you deserve." Then, Plankton is taken here to be eaten after falling out of a human's fortune cookie.
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