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Cherry is a fruit version of Gary the Snail. He is a cherry who lived in Pint Bottom, a tiny ice cream-themed counterpart to Bikini Bottom. He lives with his owner, a talking ice cream cone named CreamBob ConePants.

He appears in the comic strip CreamBob ConePants.


He is based on the cherries that are usually placed on ice cream sundaes as a topping. He is a small, red, anthropomorphic cherry with a yellowish-green stem and chocolate syrup surrounding his stem. He has a pair of light green connected eyes with black pupils, which are found on top of his stem. The red part of him acts as his shell and his stem acts as his eyestalks, giving him a snail-like appearance.

There are a few differences between him and the normal Gary. Unlike Gary, Cherry's eyes do not have orange irises. Also, Cherry spends his time outside of CreamBob's house, while Gary is almost always inside SpongeBob's pineapple house.

Role in comic

CreamBob ConePants introduces him, along with the other main ice cream-themed characters, to SpongeBob and Patrick. He is CreamBob's housepet.

Later, Cherry is seen next to Popsic while SpongeBob talks with CreamBob. He is also seen watching CreamBob show SpongeBob and Patrick the ice cream truck of Pint Bottom. He is additionally seen watching SpongeBob and Patrick after they eat the truck. He never talks or meows. He just looks at things with his eyes looking googly and occasionally crossed.