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Charlie's Bike was composed by Peter Balding and Otto Sieben. There are 4 different variations of this soundtrack used on the show (Charlie's Bike A, Charlie's Bike B, and Charlie's Bike D were never used).


Charlie's Bike C

  • 245a. "Gary's Got Legs" - Gary tries to open the door with his eyes and SpongeBob gives him a set of his own arms.
  • 246a. "Plankton's Old Chum" - Karen orders Plankton to get rid of the rotten chum.
  • 261a. "Lighthouse Louie" - SpongeBob trying to make it up for Mrs. Puff for the incident; "Oh, I love cleaning!"
  • 275b. "Upturn Girls" - "Well, if the shoe fits..."

Charlie's Bike E

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Charlie's Bike F

Charlie's Bike G