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The Cephalopod Lodge members are a small group of cephalopods who appear in the episode "Cephalopod Lodge." They are of many different sizes and shapes.


They all wear the same red robes and hats. Their hats have an eye on them, and other actions performed by the members may refer to Freemasonry, the Illuminati, or any other secret ritualistic organization. Squidward was once a member of the lodge, but got banished because of a misunderstanding when SpongeBob and Patrick follow him to the lodge meeting and cause chaos.

Role in series

Squidward joins the Cephalopod Lodge as a secret from SpongeBob and Patrick, where they then find out and also try to join. Squidward is blamed for bringing two non-cephalopods into the lodge and is then banned from entering the lodge again. Squidward wants to join again, so SpongeBob and Patrick decide to start a plan.

They dress up as a sock monster and scare the remaining lodge members. Squidward is allowed back in, but is shortly banned once again after SpongeBob and Patrick reveal their true identity. Lastly, the two of them want Squidward to join their lodge and must begin by giving him an "initiation" test.


  • One of the members has irises shaped like hearts.
  • There are no female cephalopods in this group.
  • The way to get into the lodge is to get stung by a moray eel.
  • Some of them reappear in "Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom."
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