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The cashier is a character who appears in the episodes "Jailbreak!" and "Two Thumbs Down."


The cashier is a tall, light orange fish with black, fuzzy hair, light teal fins, and dark orange lips and eyelids. He also has buck teeth and wears a white hat and a white shirt.

Role in series


The cashier is first seen reading a magazine called Video Games in the Grab-it Mart. He is scared into giving all of his money to the purple cellmate hoping not to see anymore of his "disgusting features."

"Two Thumbs Down"

He is one of the fish standing outside the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall for "Thumb Con."


  • The cashier's role is similar to Squidward's, as they both are cashiers and read magazines during their shifts.
    • Humorously, the cashier was scared off by the purple cellmate whose face greatly resembled Squidward's at the time.


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