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Captain Scarfish was the captain of Mr. Krabs' cargo ship. He appears as the main antagonist in the episode "Pull Up a Barrel."


Captain Scarfish resembles Patrick Star, with the exception of a dark red scar on the right side of his face, which is revealed to be a tattoo. He wears a dark blue naval captain uniform and a dark blue hat with a yellow rim which has a yellow "S" on it. It resembles his name, Scarfish.


He is extremely hot-headed and especially aggressive towards Mr. Krabs. He is very cruel and ruthless captain. This was due to the latter cooking delicious food for the ship's crew, which Scarfish was against, therefore forcing Mr. Krabs to create disgusting food for the navy crew.

This proved to be a mistake on his part, as his crew would be too weak for an ambush by pirates. Despite his ruthless personality, he is shown to be very sensitive and starts crying to himself that he is weak.

Role in episode

He first appears in the flashback as he enters Mr. Krabs' kitchen and asks him the type of food he made. Mr. Krabs reveals it to be a cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off. This angers Scarfish, as he told Mr. Krabs that on his ship, crusts are not meant to be cut off but eaten instead and tells Krabs time after time to stop making the food good, even warning him that if tonight's meal is any good, he will send Krabs to the brig.

Later during dinner time, Scarfish goes to inspect to see if the food is slop. He accepts but when he discovers that Krabs had actually made another good meal, he sends him to the brig to be watched by two guards.

During Krabs' time in the brig, Scarfish feeds the sailors the leftover crust to toughen them up, only to give them food poisoning.

Later, Captain Scarfish learns that Mr. Krabs has escaped, becomes furious. Scarfish confronts Mr. Krabs, who orders him to go to make holes for barrels of suntan and scuffle the ship, but Scarfish stubbornly refuses. Before the argument between sailor cook and captain get heated, Ensign arrives and stops the fight, with ammo covered with moldy crust sandwiches, making them into a strong ammo balls. This gives an idea to Mr. Krabs, who pushes Scarfish to the cargo room from off-screen.

He was seen in cargo, crying that he is weak. Ensign furiously slaps him, which causes his tattoo scar in his hand and slaps it back on Scarfish's face. Ensign grabs saber and uses it to slice the large barrel that causes the suntan cream to splatter Scarfish and the cream itself towards the island, which cures the navy fishes from sunburning pain. Scarfish was never seen again.


  • His outfit constantly changes throughout the episode.
    • He had a total of 3 outfits in the episode.