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Capt. Blue SquarePants is a retired police captain and is the son of Grandma and Grandpa SquarePants, uncle of Stanley, BlackJack, SpongeBob and brother of Sherm and Harold. He was only seen in the episode, "BlackJack." In the episode, SpongeBob said he needed some help from a crime fighter like Blue to save his parents from Blackjack, but Blue told SpongeBob that he was retired from being a police captain.


Blue is very lazy, but it's probably because he is retired. He enjoys drinking Clam Tomato Chowder Juice, and listening to country music on his old record player.


Blue is shaped like a sea sponge while SpongeBob is shaped like a kitchen Sponge. Blue has holes all over his body and is light orange in color. Blue has a few yellow teeth left, wears a blue cap, and has a grey beard.


  • Blue's name comes from his blue cap that he wears all the time.
  • Blue is not deaf, but it seems that way because SpongeBob is trying to say he needs some help but Blue hears SpongeBob wants to help him as he was doing something noisy, like using a blender.
  • Blue can drive and owns a boat. However, he was only shown driving for about three seconds.
  • Blue hangs out in his garage mainly. His house is right next door to BlackJack's.
  • Blue’s nickname for SpongeBob is "Little Bobby," but mostly "Bobby."
  • Blue chose to drive Spongebob to BlackJack's even though he lives right next door.

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