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Cantankerous Moray Eelius is an eel who first appears in the episode "Cephalopod Lodge." He is said to be a moray eel, but has the ability to shock whatever he touches, making him similar to an electric eel.


Cantankerous Moray Eelius is an aqua eel with a light yellow face and aqua lips. He has dark blue eyes and two sharp overbite teeth. He lives in a dark blue cage. In "Who R Zoo?," he is light green.

Role in series

Cantankerous Moray Eelius is kept in a cage for initiation in the Cephalopod Lodge. In order for one to be considered part of the cephalopods, they must be shocked by the eel by touching it. The eel was chosen for initiation for individuals to "conquer their fears" by being shocked by it. Successfully doing so will result in the individual being accepted in the lodge.

"Who R Zoo?"

It appears as one of the many animals at the Bikini Bottom Zoo rescuing SpongeBob and Patrick from the bubble animals.
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