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If you were looking for the article about the person dressed up as a can of beans from the episode "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout", then see Can.

The can of beans is a sentient can of baked beans who appear in The Patrick Star Show episode "Pat-a-thon."


They are a gray metal can with a yellow label in the middle of it saying "Beans" in red text. Inside are beans in an orange liquid.

Role in episode

The can of beans are among the many contestants in Patrick's telethon for "Snails who can't dance" along with Slappy Laszlo, a female worm, and Squidward. It is paired up with the phone in which it burps out several beans after getting a voicemail from the phone. Although the can of beans do not play a major role in the episode, they can be seen sporadically during several background shots. At the end of the episode, the can of beans can be seen sentient as they are dancing after the telethon.