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Camp SpongeBob is a SpongeBob SquarePants Ready-to-Read book written by Kim Ostrow and Molly Reisner and illustrated by Heather Martinez. It was published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon on May 25, 2004 and has 32 pages.



Sandy decides to open Bikini Bottom's very first summer camp and asks SpongeBob SquarePants to be her assistant. But SpongeBob goes overboard trying to make sure that their camp is the best camp ever!


The story begins with SpongeBob asking Sandy where she first learned karate. She tells him at karate summer camp. SpongeBob says that camp sounds like fun, but he never got to go. Every summer, he is at his grandma's house. He likes to pretend she is his camp counselor, but he never gets to go to a real summer camp. As a result, Sandy decides to open up a Bikini Bottom Summer Camp and makes SpongeBob her assistant.

Sandy then tells Squidward and Patrick her idea. To that, Squidward replies that summer camp is for kids. Then SpongeBob tells him that all the young kids in Bikini Bottom will be there. Squidward sees this as a way to teach the kids music, so he joins as the music teacher. Patrick remembers how good he is at sleeping when he goes to Starfish Camp, so he will teach the kids that.

The next day, SpongeBob goes to see how Squidward and Patrick are doing, preparing for camp. After he is done, Sandy tells him to relax, but SpongeBob cannot because the camp opens the following day. He cannot sleep that night, so he wakes everybody up to make sure that they are ready for camp.

The next day, they all decide to fire SpongeBob as the assistant. However, they make him a camp uniform, name the camp "Camp SpongeBob" and make him the first camper.



  • On the cover, Sandy does not have a zipper on her suit. If one looks closely, her zipper is transparent.



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