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"Calling Some Monsters" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from season 2. In this episode, realizing the monsters are actually quite boring, SpongeBob and Patrick set out to help them channel their wild side.



The Trawlers are all packing some supplies when SpongeBob and Patrick come by, inviting them to play baseball. Jimmy Blobfish explains they are going on a monster-only outing. SpongeBob and Patrick are sad that they cannot go, when SpongeBob remembers that they once ate cupcakes from Plankton's vending machine and turned into monsters. They go to Plankton and ask for more cupcakes, but he denies having them. As they leave, Karen calls to them from behind the canteen and brings them the vending machine. They eat the cupcakes and turn into monsters again.

SpongeBob and Patrick rampage to the site of the monster outing, only to find it being a support group: the monsters are quite civilized and share problems like the Kraken having his furniture swept away by seafloor fishers, Papa-Squatch being unable to find jeans that fit, and Jimmy being unable to try clothes on being he is too slippery. Patrick calls them out for being lame and SpongeBob says wanted to see how cool monsters could be. He cheers the monsters up and inspires them to follow their true callings. At the arrival of a full moon, the monsters all turn savage and get ready to attack. SpongeBob and Patrick want to join, but their cupcakes wear off just before the rampage. They escape back to camp.

The monsters begin attacking, and SpongeBob and Patrick try to make it back to the vending machine. The kraken slams it away and destroys the rest of the cupcakes. Karen comes out from behind a bush and gives them the monster antidote, which has to be fired from a crossbow. SpongeBob goes around camp shooting it at each of the monsters, transforming them into harmless, tiny forms, which Patrick collects. Once all the monsters have been taken care of, SpongeBob and Patrick set them back at the support group. SpongeBob comments that as long as they are still boring, they have succeeded. However, when the monsters transform back, they decide to abandon the support group in favor of a regular rampage group. At Papa-Squatch's suggestion, Preda allows snacks at that group too.


This episode was confirmed on January 13, 2023.[6]


 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Blue Sails - Tommy Reilly and James Moody [Opening.]
  Hawaiian Cocktail - Richard Myhill [?]
  Funny Little Man - Wyn Henry [?]
  Tricks and Traps - James McConnel [?]
  Preda Tory's Theme - Ego Plum [?]
  Breezing Around - Edward White [?]
  Airs and Graces (A) - Paddy Kingsland [?]
  Astronauts March - Sam Spence [SpongeBob and Patrick giving the monsters an inspiring speech.]
  Stealth and Capture - Wilfred Burns [?]
  The Creature (c) - Gregor F. Narholz [?]
  Fierce Fight - Gerhard Trede [?]
  Comic Walk - Sidney Torch [?]
  Monster Bug [#35] - Gregor Narholz [?]
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Cultural references[]

Episode references[]

  • The events of "Midnight Snack Attack" are directly mentioned and utilized in this episode.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick's monster designs are also reused from the episode.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
German Die Monster-Selbsthilfegruppe The Monster Support Group


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