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The bus of Bikini Bottom is a public transportation vehicle that appears in various episodes, starting with debut episode "Help Wanted."


Design and boarding

Bikini Bottom buses are red in the series, but the LEGO set version is orange. They also have porthole windows and periscopes on the top, giving them the appearance of a submarine with wheels. It also resembles the look of a shrimp, while the rear end of the bus represents a fish's tail.

Typically, most of its passengers are regular Bikini Bottomites, though other animals are also allowed to board the bus, as shown in "Dumped," "Have You Seen This Snail?," and "Pet or Pests." Most buses seem to have a "no singing" policy, as seen in "A Flea in Her Dome."


Bus stops

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Bikini Bottom



The LEGO Set "The Bikini Bottom Express (3830)" was released in 2008.



  • SpongeBob blows a bubble version of the bus in "The Main Drain."
  • In general, this is the first vehicle that appears in the whole series.
    • Other vehicles appear during the "If nautical nonsense be something you wish" part of the "SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song," but that sequence postdates the original 1997 pilot version of "Help Wanted."