Bunny Wunny is an animal who appears in the online game Sponge Star Patrick Pants and in the episode "Bunny Hunt."


He is mostly white with gray ears, a gray tail, one buck tooth, and some hair. He has small legs and feet along with black pupils.

Role in episode

His main role in this episode is to annoy Squidward, eat his vegetables, and even cause destruction to his home. He first eats Squidward's parsley and in the process burns his house, which had Roast à la Squidward in the oven. He also outsmarts Squidward into destroying his own garden.

Despite being caught by the Animal Control, SpongeBob refuses to have them exterminate him. SpongeBob keeps him at his house and names him Bunny Wunny, but he only causes more destruction to SpongeBob's house.

Eventually, SpongeBob buys a female sea bunny to deal with the sea bunny at his house, but that only makes matters worse as they reproduce more. Eventually, the offspring reaches Squidward's garden again and then floods his house to the shape of the house.

In the end, a sea bunny takes on the role of Squidward after Squidward hits himself in the head with a mallet and acts like a sea bunny himself.


  • Despite being referred to as a bunny, sea bunnies are actually slugs.
  • He breaks the fourth wall by playing Puka A on his ukelele.
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