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What's a nice, positive thing to say to everyone you meet tonight?
— Bunny Star, "Now Museum, Now You Don't"

Bunny Star (née Steelhead), also known as Margie Star before being redesigned,[3][4][5] is the wife of Cecil Star, the daughter-in-law of GrandPat Star and the mother of Patrick and Squidina Star.



Bunny's prototype design.

She is lavender in color. She also has bushy black hair, cat eyed glasses and magenta lipstick. She wears a dark-blue dress with cyan dots. Like the other sea stars in the show, she has dots around her body. Bunny also has various tattoos on her body, which are usually covered up by her clothes that she wears.


Bunny has a positive and optimistic personality. She is shown to care deeply about her children, and has a loving relationship with Cecil. In "Enemies à la Mode," she happily tells Squidina that she loves everybody and does not have any enemies, besides her malfunctioning toaster. Like Patrick, she is shown to be somewhat lacking in common sense. She is often seen doing household chores, usually in strange ways. She is also a great cook, and her family is shown to love whatever she makes. It is shown in "Family Plotz" that Bunny enjoys doing yoga.

She shows persistence when trying to fix conflicts, as shown in episodes like "Stair Wars." Otherwise, she is somewhat unobservant, as in episodes like "Backpay Payback" and "The Haunting of Star House," she remains unaware of problems in the house due to being preoccupied and not paying attention. In "Klopnodian Heritage Festival," she does not notice Squidina's discomfort with the festival and its events.


Bunny as a Child

Bunny as a child.

As a child, Bunny grew up in Klopnod. Her mother Agnes wanted her to be a witch, but she was not able to live up to these expectations, preferring to clean instead. She is not bothered and still sees cleaning as her own special magic.

According to Patrick in "Just in Time for Christmas," Bunny always used to say, "There's no place more fun than a carnival!"

It is revealed in "The Patterfly Effect" that Bunny wanted to be a race car driver before she had Patrick.

Bunny made history in her family by being the first to finish at Klopnod College, majoring in pseudoscience.[6]

In "Bunny the Barbarian," Bunny mentions that she works as a greeter for a local prison. It is revealed in "Patrick's Prison Pals" that this prison is actually Bikini Bottom Jail.

In "Which Witch is Which?," her maiden name is confirmed to be Steelhead.

Bunny and Cecil have been married for 30 years[7], and their wedding ceremony took place in Klopnod.

In a flash-forward to the year 3 million, Bunny and Cecil are still shown to be happily married.[8]


Patrick Star[]

Just in Time for Christmas 169

Patrick gives Bunny a tattoo for Christmas.

Bunny is shown to care about Patrick, often to the point of being somewhat overbearing. In "Mid-Season Finale," she says that she is proud at how far Patrick's show has gone. Bunny has acted on Patrick's show in "Pat-a-thon," "Mid-Season Finale," and "Host-a-Palooza."

In return, Patrick wants to make his mother happy. In "Stair Wars," Patrick is sad when he sees that Bunny is injured. In "Just in Time for Christmas," he makes an effort to get her a good Christmas present. In "The Patterfly Effect," Patrick is determined to make Bunny's dream of being a "race car" (actually a race car driver) come true, and goes to the past to realize it.

Squidina Star[]

Klopnodian Heritage Festival 071

Bunny and Squidina prepare to swat flies.

Squidina and Bunny are usually paired together. In "The Yard Sale," Squidina and Bunny sell some of GrandPat's items together. In "Enemies à la Mode," Squidina interviews Bunny if she has any enemies. In "Patrick's Got a Zoo Loose," Squidina gives Bunny a coupon for "50 free hugs." In "Klopnodian Heritage Festival," Bunny wants to share her Klopnodian culture with her family, and participates in traditions with Squidina. In "Tying the Klop-Knot," Squidina is willing to learn and follow many strange Klopnodian traditions so her mother wouldn’t have to leave the family.

However, in "Squidina's Little Helper," Squidina is unimpressed when Bunny wants to be her assistant.

Cecil Star[]

Mid-Season Finale 106

Bunny and Cecil in "Mid-Season Finale."

Bunny is shown to have a good relationship with her husband. In "Bummer Jobs," she compliments Cecil on his tie and kisses him. In "House Hunting," the two team up to get the house tied down and call each other affectionate nicknames. In "FitzPatrick," Cecil sits in Bunny's lap during Patrick's wedding. In "A Space Affair to Remember," they celebrate their anniversary in outer space together, and team up to win a "Weirdest Alien" contest hosted by Dale Goppler. In "Neptune's Ball," they go to watch a piano performance together. In "Now Museum, Now You Don't," she congratulates Cecil on his new job. In "Tying the Klop-Knot," the two of them celebrate their anniversary by rewatching their wedding video.


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