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Bunny Buns is a children's arcade, restaurant, and playhouse that appears in the episodes "Mid-Life Crustacean" and "Old Man Patrick."




The exterior of the building resembles that of a Hawaiian hut. It has a large sign that reads the place's name lit up with neon lights. There are balloons next to the sign. A large wooden column sprouts on top of the building with a bunny's head on top.


The interior has a pink wall, a robotic rabbit, arcade games, and a stage.

Role in series

"Mid-Life Crustacean"

In their striving to restore Mr. Krabs' youthful enthusiasm, SpongeBob and Patrick take him out at night to various places, but their ideas for "fun" are more childish than expected. They decide to go to Bunny Buns, embarrassing Mr. Krabs, who then angrily lashes out by flinging children off of him and destroying the animatronic rabbit, stating how silly he feels trying to be young.

"Old Man Patrick"

SpongeBob decides to show the elderly what it is like to be young again, mainly to revert Patrick, who has become an old man, back to his previous fun-loving state, so he takes them to Bunny Buns. All the elderly act amiss until SpongeBob soon also becomes so overworked that he becomes all wrinkly and old. He tries to walk and then declares he is "losing steam," falls on the ground, and steam shoots out of his holes. Said steam gets Patrick moist and takes out his dry wrinkles.

Role in video games

This place also appears in the Nicktoons Plug n' Play level "Kash Dash."

Associated characters