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The bully snail is a snail who appears in the episode "Gary in Love." He works for Mary's ex-boyfriend.


The bully snail is a sea snail who has a grayish-black shell with silver spikes on it. He has a pale purple body with a darker pink underside and also has dark olive-yellow eyes. His shell has a thin white swirl and a bandage on it.


He is like the other bully snails, except he dislikes going through secret entrances and prefers going through front entrances.

Role in episode

When Gary sees Mable-Monica and her pet snail, Mary, on the boatmobile and decides to slither after it on the street, the bully snail grabs him by the tail. Gary is surrounded by him and the orange snail. His spikes get stuck in the fence when he tries to get out through a gate hole.