Not to be confused with Telescope Assembly Manual.

Build Your Own Telescope is a telescope-building kit that teaches people how to build their own telescope. It is a do-it-yourself kind of project that appears in the episode "Overbooked."


The kit is packaged in a brown rectangular box. The box's lid has the kit's name on the top in dark brown, along with a picture of a telescope inside a gray burst shape. On the side of the lid, the word "telescope" appears in pink.

It also includes a Telescope Assembly Manual that talks about the steps on how to make a telescope.

Role in episode

SpongeBob attempts to use it to build the telescope to complete his employee report card, as the "do a laborious task for supervisor" box hasn't been checked and he builds it for him.

Mr. Krabs requests SpongeBob to help finish it but he can't, due to him also helping out with Patrick's birthday party and Sandy's invention revealing.


  • According to page 472, section C-17 of the Telescope Assembly Manual, it says one needs a right-angled motorized hex drill to assemble the telescope.


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