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Bubble transitions in "SpongeHenge"

Bubble transitions, also known as bubble wipes, are when one scene changes to another, with bubbles floating across the screen.


There have sometimes been episodes where the floating bubbles across the screen are replaced with something else.


Rough Draft Korea in Squidville

Rough Draft Korea

  • In "Rock Bottom," closes an episode with a bubble transition, This is the only episode to end with a bubble transition.
  • In "Squidville," for a brief second, a bubble transition is shown and "Rough Draft Korea" appears at the bottom of the screen. This error was made by Rough Draft Studios in South Korea where they color the episode. Also, it mentions a date ("DATE: 08 / 30 / 00"; August 30, 2000), which is when this episode was in the process of being colored by Rough Draft Studios.
Chocolatewithnuts - RDK-09142001
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Rough Draft Korea?

Haveyouseenthissnail RDKerror
  • In "Have You Seen This Snail?," for a brief second, a bubble transition was shown with Rough Draft Korea at the bottom of the screen.
Polish 20200219 093341225
  • In "Skill Crane," for a brief second, a bubble transition was shown with Rough Draft Korea at the bottom of the screen.
  • In "Born to Be Wild," SpongeBob breaks the fourth wall by riding on a bubble transition.
  • In "Truth or Square" and all episodes since "Extreme Spots," the transitions were updated with slightly fewer bubbles and are larger in order to fit the 720p/1080i high-definition screen.
  • In "Truth or Square" and the season 9 episodes before "Lost in Bikini Bottom," the sound for bubble transitions are different than the rest of the episodes.
  • "Tutor Sauce" has 14 bubble transitions, the most out of any episode.
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