The bubble motorcycle is a vehicle that appears in the episodes "Burst Your Bubble" and "Bubbletown." Like its boatmobile counterpart, it is made out of bubbles.


Officer John Slugfish had been riding this motorcycle instead of his regular mechanical version. Unlike the bubble boat, the bubble motorcycle does not contain a cushion to step on for acceleration and instead is steered like regular motorcycles.

The entire motorcycle is made of bubbles from the seats, exhaust pipes, engine, and everything else. There is a flashing tail light and siren at the back of the motorcycle that goes off whenever Officer John Slugfish pulls someone over.

Role in series

"Burst Your Bubble"

Officer John Slugfish pulls over in his bubble motorcycle and confiscates Mrs. Puff's boat because bubble boats became so popular that regular boats became outlawed.


SpongeBob notices a bubble motorcycle with a flat tire and decides to fix it through a bubble blowing method of his.

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