Bubble money are bubbles that are in the form of dollar bills and coins. They first appear in the episode "Bubble Buddy."


They resemble real-life dollar bills but are in bubble form.

Role in series

"Bubble Buddy"

Squidward gives Mr. Krabs Bubble Buddy's payment for the meal he had, which was a $100 bubble dollar bill. Squidward adds that Bubble Buddy also gave them a tip and shows Mr. Krabs a pile of bubble coins.

Cover of SpongeBob Comics #10 and Criminal Cover Pin-Up!

In these, the bubble dollars are shown leaving safe SpongeBob. There are also a few inside SpongeBob.


Mr. Krabs opens the Bubbly Krab as a means to make money while the Krusty Krab is lacking business. However, he subsequently pops the restaurant out of distaste when he discovers that Bubble Buddy pays his employees with bubble money.

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