The Bubble Bowl is a large bowl-shaped building that appears in "Band Geeks."



It is a bowl-shaped building made of glass with a blue metal floor.

Role in series

"Band Geeks"/Star Power!

Squidward has to perform in front of a live human audience. He has been challenged by his nemesis, Squilliam, and is nervous because his band has not been shown to be very good during practice. One night before the big concert, a riot starts up among the band members and Squidward storms off disappointed.

SpongeBob comes to the rescue with an inspirational speech and they practice throughout the night. The next day, the band is ready and Squidward is nervous. They end up singing "Sweet Victory" amazingly, much to Squidward's surprise, causing Squilliam to faint and be taken to the hospital.

"Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show short"

It had the same role in the aforementioned episode, albeit with the Crowd being the one as seen in the Super Bowl game.


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