You forgot the Pickles!
— Bubble Bass, Pickles

Bubble Bass[3] is an obese bass and one of the antagonists who first appears in the episode "Pickles." In the ninth season, he became a recurring character.


Bubble Bass seems to be a stereotypically rude character. He is an obese, olive green-skinned bass who wears a light orange tank top, orange-brown pants, and black glasses. His lips and other parts of his body are olive-green, while his stomach is a lighter green. He has a bit of speech impediment and breathes very deeply.

"Fools in April"

His skin is brown, his tank top is white, and his pants are blue.


Like what he is based off, Bubble Bass is an unmannerly, selfish, rude person, in that he lies to SpongeBob about the pickles missing from his burger to destroy his confidence. Aside from this, he also promised to give SpongeBob and Patrick free lunches if they helped pack his things, only to selfishly eat the free lunches he ordered for them at the end in front of them, displaying no regard to their honest effort.

He has also shown signs of being cowardly, lazy, and lacking responsibility for his actions. At the end of "Pickles," he runs out of the Krusty Krab in fear of the restaurant reprimanding him for deception. In "Moving Bubble Bass," his laziness and selfishness is further shown when he pretends to be injured so as to have an excuse to not help pack up his stuff. In fact, the only reason he moved out in the first place was so he didn't have to do chores. 

Due to his love and obsession with food, he imagines he has a chat show called Snack Chat, where he pretends to film in his mother's basement. A guest was the krabby patty itself, talking to Bubble Bass, which makes sense, considering he loves eating Krabby Patties.

Abilities and talents

  • Hiding things under his tongue: Bubble Bass hid the pickles under his tongue, which drove SpongeBob insane. Bubble Bass also hid a woman's car keys.
  • Lying: Bubble Bass is able to lie really well, tricking SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Strength: Bubble Bass has been shown to be very physically strong. He was able to throw Squidward around like a ragdoll and push away an entire crowd of people with no effort.

His mauve version.

Role in series


Bubble Bass places a complicated order, which SpongeBob serves. However, Bubble Bass claims that SpongeBob forgot the pickles, so SpongeBob goes into a state of shock and takes time off of work, claiming he has forgotten how to make Krabby Patties altogether.

However, SpongeBob later gets his confidence back and resumes his role as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab when Bubble Bass returns once again. Again, he orders a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob with pickles, which the latter delivers, only to hear Bubble Bass claim that there are still no pickles and tells SpongeBob that he has failed again. However, SpongeBob realizes that Bubble Bass had been hiding the pickles underneath his tongue the entire time from both Krabby Patties to avoid paying for them and to make SpongeBob look bad, and exposes Bubble Bass of his true colors.

At the mercy of the angry customers, Bubble Bass escapes before they can punish him by running away.


Bubble Bass makes a minor appearance in this episode when he accidentally plops himself on top of Plankton, essentially smashing him. Bubble Bass gives a mean smile and squishes Plankton with his buttocks when SpongeBob asks him to move. He eventually leaves when SpongeBob throws popcorn in his direction.

At the end of the episode, he confuses Plankton for a jelly bean and chases him about his hand when the he starts running for his life.

"Fools in April"

Bubble Bass makes a cameo when SpongeBob gets tricked by Squidward and runs into his buttocks, making a large square indent. It should be noted that Bubble Bass' physical appearance in this episode is not the same as it usually is; instead of being dark olive-green, he is mauve.

"Plankton's Good Eye"

Bubble Bass appears briefly in this episode when he falls out of a window as a result of his house burning and crushes Plankton again. He is also seen when SpongeBob gives Plankton the "great big hug."

"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"

Bubble Bass makes a minor appearance in when Patrick signs his butt.

"Bulletin Board"

Bubble Bass supports "P-Star 7," claiming he is a "true hero for our troubled times." He also writes a message on the bulletin board under the name of "HandsomeLad42" and mocks SpongeBob after he receives an insulting message from P-Star7.

Later in the episode, Bubble Bass himself gets an insulting message from P-Star7 and gets into a fight with Squidward.

"Whirly Brains"

He is seen walking across the street while eating ice cream. However, as he is walking, the kid's Whirly Brain flies into his butt while SpongeBob and Patrick's Whirly Brains fly above him.

"Larry the Floor Manager"

Bubble Bass is holding the line up in the Krusty Krab by ordering a large and very strange order, which causes Mr. Krabs to angrily shove a Krabby Patty into his mouth and tell him to order what's on the menu.

Later in the episode, when the Krusty Krab is transformed into a gym, he squishes Squidward by accident while complaining about the protein power shake's taste.

Even later, he is seen eating sand when the camera pans to all the hungry customers.

Near the episode's end, he helps SpongeBob and the other customers turn the Krusty Krab back to normal.

"Krabby Patty Creature Feature"

Bubble Bass, confronting a zombie Mr. Krabs at night, unaware of his condition, thinks he is wearing a costume and eats the real pickles on his "fake" costume, causing him to transform into a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe.

He is later seen in the Chum Bucket moments after him and the rest of the Bikini Bottomites are cured of the infection from the tainted meat and goes with others to the Krusty Krab to celebrate the town being saved.

"Squid Noir"

Squidward confronts him about stealing his clarinet as earlier in the episode Bubble Bass gets annoyed by Squidward. After Squidward confronts him and he denies it, him and SpongeBob have a fight with action figures in which SpongeBob won and Bubble Bass ultimately lost.

"Moving Bubble Bass"

Bubble Bass is the main antagonist in this episode, he is annoyed at living with his mother and decides to move out. Pretending to be injured so he doesn't have to help, SpongeBob and Patrick move his stuff to his grandmother's home. He then displays his antagonistic nature at the end, as he ate the free lunches that he promised SpongeBob and Patrick.

However, he gets his comeuppance when the two yell at him and leave him as he gloats but his mother is revealed to have been packed in the box. She accuses him of doing this and stuffs him in the same box as she wheels him around, intentionally crashing into things as payback for her being stuffed in a box even though he protests his innocence in the act.

"High Sea Diving"

When Mr. Krabs is selling SpongeBob merchandise, Bubble Bass approaches him and asks how much Patrick is, thinking he is a standee. Mr. Krabs offers him twenty dollars, but Bubble Bass rips off Patrick's arm and says that he is damaged. Mr. Krabs then offers him ten dollars, and Bubble Bass accepts.

"Swamp Mates"

Bubble Bass is one of the main characters in this episode. Here his action figure becomes lost and then goes to a swamp to find it.

"Thank Gosh It's Monday"

Bubble Bass can be seen participating in the crowd singing in the "Thank Gosh It's Monday" music video.

He also makes cameos in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, "Larry's Gym," "Trident Trouble," "SpongeBob's Place," "Stuck on the Roof," "Bottle Burglars," "My Leg!", "ChefBob, "Goons on the Moon," "The Grill is Gone," and "The String."



In his first appearance, Bubble Bass and SpongeBob were initially rivals and despised each other. However, in recent appearances, SpongeBob seems to be more friendly towards him. SpongeBob and Patrick even help move Bubble Bass out of his mom's house in the episode "Moving Bubble Bass," though Bubble Bass was manipulating them and had them do all the work.

Despite hating SpongeBob, Bubble Bass helps him get the Krusty Krab turned back to normal in "Larry the Floor Manager."

In "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," Bubble Bass helps Sandy and the others decorate SpongeBob's house for his birthday party. After he returns, SpongeBob finds the house destroyed and everyone asleep from the party planning. Nevertheless, SpongeBob is excited that his family and friends would do so much for him. SpongeBob deems Bubble Bass and the others wonderful friends and how he is grateful to have them. When Patchy the Pirate arrives and sings the birthday song, Bubble Bass along with everyone else wakes up and properly celebrates a happy birthday to SpongeBob.


Bubble Bass and Patrick have had no interaction but seem familiar with each other. Patrick and SpongeBob even help move Bubble Bass out of his mom's house in the episode "Moving Bubble Bass." However, Bubble Bass was manipulating the pair and had them do all the hard work in exchange for free food. After Bubble Bass revealed he ate the food, Patrick yelled at him for his selfishness, scaring Bubble Bass.

Role in video games

Legend of the Lost Spatula

Bubble Bass appears as one of the enemies.

Lights, Camera, Pants!

Bubble Bass is the judge for the waiter role at the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

Bubble Bass was mentioned by Patrick.

SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

In the first level, SpongeBob and Beautiful Gorgeous travel to Bikini Bottom where they find Bubble Bass eating Krabby Patties right before he gets transformed into a giant minion of the Morphoids. Bubble Bass later heads to the Krusty Krab, forcing SpongeBob and Beautiful Gorgeous to follow. They arrive at the Chum Bucket and rescue Gary. Jimmy and Plankton later arrive at the theater to only find Patrick and Squidward trapped.

SpongeBob and Traloc later arrive at the Krusty Krab and fight a monstrous-sized Bubble Bass who demands more and more Krabby Patties, noting that SpongeBob has supposedly forgotten the pickles.

Finally, he is defeated, returning Bikini Bottom normal once more.

Bikini Bottom Brawlers

Bubble Bass on Bass Vegas sign

Bubble Bass appears on the Bass Vegas sign.


  • "I hear SquarePants is back." —"Pickles"
  • "This is pretty good - only one thing: you forgot the pickles!" —"Pickles"
  • "I believe you owe me two bucks." —"Pickles"
  • "The best there is? I don't think so. You lose!" —"Pickles"
  • "You failed again, SpongeBob LoserPants!" —"Pickles"
  • "I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.
  • "And...there's my ride." —"Pickles"
  • "I hear talk you make a mean Krabby Patty." —"Pickles"
  • "You may not like what P-Star7 has to say, but you have to agree that he keeps it "real". He's a true hero for our troubled times." —"Bulletin Board"
  • "His vituperative hyperbole has certainly diminished your credibility." —"Bulletin Board"
  • "You're right. I should have put it on the bulletin board instead." —"Bulletin Board"
  • "Oh, sure you are. P-Star7 has your number alright." —"Bulletin Board"
  • "Yes, I will have a quad patty, with a sprinkling of Himalayan salt, smoked paprika, and micro greens." —"Larry the Floor Manager"
  • "I would like my patties be-cheesed, but not just any cheese will do. Have you any aged "how-uda?"" —"Larry the Floor Manager"

  • "Really, Krabs? Is this some kind of new promotional gimmick? Surely, you can do better than this, Eugene. I mean, (takes out a pickle from Mr. Krabs' patty body) you even wasted real pickles on this cheap costume? (eats the pickle) Pretty insulting, if you ask me." —"Krabby Patty Creature Feature"
  • "You, will remove that subpar woodwind from the premises, ere I smash its reed!" —"Squid Noir"
  • "And we're back. My first guest had dinner with me just last night. He's a close personal friend of mine. Please welcome the Krabby Patty." —"Moving Bubble Bass"
  • "Oh, yes, about that. I'm afraid I was waiting for you so long that I...ATE THEM!" —"Moving Bubble Bass"
  • "Well, you pulled it off, Bubble Bass. And you didn't even have to flick a fin." —"Moving Bubble Bass"


  • Bubble Bass was retired for 12 years after the first season until he was seen in the season 8 episode "Plankton's Good Eye." However, he did not officially return to the series until season nine. 
  • In "Plankton's Good Eye," Bubble Bass' voice is higher pitched, although he is still voiced by the same voice actor.
  • Bubble Bass is voiced by Ikuko Tani, a woman, in the Japanese dub.
  • Bubble Bass still lives with his mother even though he is an adult around the same age as SpongeBob, due to him being lazy and unemployed. 
  • "Moving Bubble Bass" is the first episode centered around Bubble Bass since "Pickles."


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