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Bran Flakes is a brand of cereal shown on a TV commercial that appears in the episode "As Seen on TV."



The box is yellow and has pictures of red wheat on it, with a brown rectangle on the front as well. The cereal's name is written in all caps and in white text in a light blue outline. Nutritional info and other info is on the right side of the box.


It has bran in it, hence the name. It is mentioned to have a bold new taste in the commercial.


The cereal is a darkish tan color.

Role in episode

Bran Flakes are featured in a flashback showing Old Man Walker watching the cereal's commercial on TV after he mistakes SpongeBob for a cereal box from the ad, even stating how much of a "nice cereal box" he is after he runs into the latter.


  • Bran Flakes shares the same name with a real cereal manufactured by the Kellogg's Corporation.
  • After the flashback finishes, SpongeBob's outline is depicted as a regular square without squiggly lines to showcase his likeness to the Bran Flakes box.

    "You did?"