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The boss of the brain office scolds one of his workers.

The Brain Office and its workers are visual personified metaphors, that represent what is going on in certain characters' minds. A brain office has appeared twice in the series, first in the episode "Squilliam Returns," as SpongeBob's brain office. In the episode "Chum Bucket Supreme," Patrick's brain office is similar.


  • The SpongeBob boss
  • The talkative SpongeBob worker
  • The SpongeBob workers
  • The Patrick workers


SpongeBob SquarePants

In SpongeBob's brain office, the workers are getting on with their normal business when Squidward asks SpongeBob to empty his mind of all things that have nothing to do with fine dining and breathing. The message then goes straight to the SpongeBob boss, who orders the workers to scrap everything that has nothing to do with fine dining and breathing. They go through all of SpongeBob's memories, (shown as sheets of paper) and destroy them. Later, the boss says that they need SpongeBob's name, and the workers look through the drawers trying to find it. Then, one worker screams "We threw out his name!" and the brain office explodes into panic, despite the boss's efforts to keep it under control. One of them seems to be the boss, having a green cap and yelling orders. Another is a very talkative worker who looks just like SpongeBob and apparently has a wife and three children.

Patrick Star

In Patrick's brain office, as he tries to figure out the word "metabolic," his brain office workers desperately use all of Patrick's brain power to work out what it says, only to set the brain office on fire in the process. As the many mini Patricks attempt to escape the brain office, one tries to push on the door with a pull sign on it and Patrick says its jammed, not noticing the other Patrick's mistake.


  • The sequence in "Squilliam Returns" was conceived by storyboard artist and writer Sam Henderson.