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Brad is a fish who makes various cameo appearances in the series, often as a movie star or rich fish.


In some appearances, he has green fins and black hair and wears a yellow sweater. In "Gary in Love," he is light orange with black hair and wears a red sweater.

He has a snail named Billy, who he is walking, when he sees Monica.

His snail, Billy, ends up attracting Mary.


He appears at the end of the episode where he is shown to be the long-lost boyfriend of Monica, and is a complete overmake, of the TV show that Gary was watching earlier.

He is also mentioned in the episode "Whale of a Birthday" when Pearl says that Angela likes him. This was probably from before Brad graduated from Bikini Bottom Elementary School.

He might be married to a movie star, Monica, and might have a child which is seen in "Hello Bikini Bottom!" That would mean that he broke up with Mary at some point.


  • "Monica!"
  • "Oh, Monica, I've thought I might never find you. I promise to never leave you at your side."
  • "Oh, Monica."
  • "Monica? Monica!"
  • "I was just taking Billy here for a walk."
  • "Now, let us go get a steaming cup of Joe."
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