Bowl is a bowling alley that appears in the episode "The Nitwitting."


The bowling alley is shaped like a large black bowling ball, with two of the ball's holes as windows and the third being the building's front doors, which are made of glass and have two brown handles. Behind the building are three large bowling pins that are white and have two red stripes. On top of the building are four spheres, two red and two yellow, that display the building's name. The spheres are held up by bamboo, and three of the spheres have large stars attached to them.

The building's inside is similar to that of a stereotypical bowling alley, with a counter filled with bowling shoes, a multi-colored rug with some tables in front of the lanes, a few arcade machines, and compartments to store the bowling balls. There are eleven lanes for bowling, and each one has a large tiki head at the end as decoration.

Role in episode

This building becomes a site for the Empty Head Society's antics, where several members of the group drive across the lanes hitting the bowling balls back at the bowlers with hockey sticks.


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