Bottomite houses are basic homes of most Bikini Bottomites. These homes mostly appear in the background.



Bottomite houses are tall and cylindrical. They are implied to be made of metal, and are often bent or dented as a result. They appear in various metallic and aquatic colors, such as teal, blue, gray, yellow, and brown. Nearly every building seen has some sort of chimney or exhaust pipe towards the top. Some of these homes can be square.


The interiors of these homes are seldom seen. However, glimpses of them appear in these episodes:

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Living room

The living room appeared in the episode "Party Pooper Pants." It shows a bottomite in his living room. The room contains a plant, a few paintings and a book case. It also has a TV and a couch.


A kitchen with cabinets is shown in "Party Pooper Pants."

Dining room

A small and well-decorated dining room is seen in "Hall Monitor," where Medley Fishbowl and Vera Fishbowl are seen eating seaweed with the window open before SpongeBob scares them off as the "open window maniac."


A bathroom is only shown in the episode "Wormy." An anchovy is taking a shower.

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