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Bollywood Bob is the genuine global culmination of Year of the Sponge. It is the most spectacular expression of regional cultures' celebration and love of SpongeBob, and furthers his credibility as a lifestyle icon.

This unique work pushes the boundaries and challenges the norm, extending SpongeBob's appeal way beyond the core Nickelodeon audience. He is one of the few animation characters that can do this so effectively.
— Peter Drake, VP creative director of Nickelodeon UK[1]

Bollywood Bob is a music video that was first broadcasted on Nickelodeon UK on November 14, 2009, as part of Think Happy - The Year of the Sponge.[2] It can be found on the SpongeBob's Last Stand, Season 6 Volume 2, Complete Sixth Season, and Next 100 Episodes DVDs.


Bollywood Bob follows Rohan, who enters a Bollywood palace to present the King with a golden sponge. As the presentation takes place, a dance routine commences in the royal court. The routine was choreographed by Slumdog Millionaire choreographer Longinus Fernandes, and the SpongeBob theme tune was re-worked to a Bhangra style by Akbar Sami and Firoze Patel.[2] The music video was produced by Nickelodeon UK, in collaboration with Nickelodeon International and Nickelodeon India.[1]


  • This was also shown in a 30-second version, in Vue and Cineworld cinemas nationwide, from November 13, 2009 to January 1, 2010, which would feature around seasonal releases.[2]


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