Bob l'éponge is the French version of SpongeBob SquarePants. In addition to having the episodes dubbed into this language, the French version of the intro has some different animations that are also seen in the Korean (EBS version), Italian, Castilian Spanish, and Welsh versions of the opening. It airs on Nickelodeon (in France and Wallonia), and previously aired on VRAK Vrak (in Quebec). It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants.  

Episodes aired in this dub before airing in the United States

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Voice Cast

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  • Bob L'éponge - Sébastien Desjours
  • Patrick Étoile - Érik Colin (seasons 1-9, until his death in 2013), Boris Rehlinger (season 9-)
  • Carlo Tentacule - Henri Courseaux (seasons 1-6), Michel Mella (season 6-)
  • Monsieur Krabs, Sheldon J. Plankton, Larry le Hoamrd - Michel Bedetti
  • Karen, Sandy Écureuil, Mme Puff, Pearl - Michèle Lituac (seasons 1-5), Hélène Chanson (season 7-)
  • Gary - Claude Brousseau (some episodes)
  • Painty le Pirate - Michel Dodane


Original name Localized name Meaning
Angry Jack's Shell Emporium Chez Jack le Coléreux Angry Jack's
Atlantis Atlantide Same
Biannual Jellyfish Convention Fête annuelle des pêcheurs de méduses Annual jellyfishing convention
Bigshot Records Disques "Grand manitou" Great-Manitou records (?)
Bikini Bottom Bikini Bottom Same
Bikini Bottom High School Lycée de Bikini Bottom Same
Bikini Bottom Museum of Everything Musée de Tout et Rien Museum of Everything
Bikini Bottom Outskirts Outlet Mega-Mall Hyper du périph' Outskirts hypermarket (?)
Bikini Bottom Pillow Foundry Fonderie d'oreillers de Bikini Bottom Same
Bikini Bottom Pin Factory Fabrique de punaises de Bikini Bottom Same
Bikini Bottom Scissor Works Fabrique de ciseaux de Bikini Bottom Bikini Bottom Scissors Factory
Bubbly Krab Le crabe pétillant The sparkling crab
Chum Bucket Le Seau de l'Enfer The Bucket of Hell
Crumb Basket Seau de la bergère Shepherd's bucket
Electronics Outhouse Studios électroniques Electronics studios
Horned Forest Forêt des instruments Instrument forest
Krusty Krab Le Crabe Croustillant The Crusty Crab
Mrs. Puff's Boating School Bateau-école de Madame Puff Mrs. Puff's Boat Driving School
Pitchfork Pantry À la grande fourche The big pitchfork (?)
Rock Bottom Fond du gouffre Same
Shady Shoals Rest Home Maison de retraite: Le récif ombragé Retirement home: the shaded reef
Sock'n Garten Chaussettes-forum Socks forum
Tentacle Acres Résidence des pieuvres Squids' residence
Trusty Slab Tourteau frétillant Wriggling crab (?)

Original name Localized name Meaning
All Organic Nature's Science Snail Food Croquettes bio [sic] Bio kibble
Barnacle Chips Chips de barracuda Barracuda chips
Black lemonade Limonade noire Same
Bon-bons Bonbons Candies
Bran Flakes Flocons de son Same
Bubble hot dog Bulle-dog Bubble dog
Canned Bread Pain de mie en conserve Canned soft bread
Chumburger Plank-burger Plank-burger
Crying Johnny Johnny en pleurs Same
Dozen Cryin' Cows on the Farm Douzaine de vaches dans les prés en pleurs Dozen of crying cows on the farm
Drinkable Sausage Saucisse buvable Same
Fried oyster skins Coquilles d'huître fraîches Fresh oyster shells
Frozen Krabby Patties Pâtés de crabe surgelés Deep-frozen crabby patties
Holographic meatloaf Pain de viande en hologramme Holograph meatloaf
Hot chocolate Chocolat chaud Same
Kelp Shake Lait aux algues Kelp milk
Krabby Patty Pâté de crabe The crab patty
Krusty Dogs Krab' saucisses Krab' wieners
Krusty Krab pizza La pizza du capitaine The captain's pizza
Mild Bobby Sauce Sauce Bobby pour les palais délicats Bobby sauce for the delicate palace (?)
Pretty Patty Pâté coloré Colo(u)red Patty
Quasi-Gummy Chewy Candy Fish Bonbons de poisson Fish candies
Seahorse milk Lait de crabe Crab milk
Snail Bites Escardélices Snail Delights (?)
'Sorry about the Scabies' cake Gâteau 'Désolé pour les morpions' 'Sorry about the crab lice' cake
Spongy Patties Pâtés spongieux Same
Swedish Barnacle Balls Boulettes suédoises de vieux loup de mer Seasoned sailor old Swedish meatballs (?)
Synthetic Krabby Patty Pâtés de crabe synthétiques Synthetic crab patties

Original name Localized name Meaning
Boomerang Pet Ball Balle boomerang Boomerang ball
Conch signal Téléphone coquillage Conch shell phone
Coupe Coupé Same
Davy Jones' locker Vestiaire puant de l'enfer Stinky locker of the Hell
Fake Science Monthly Mensuel Sciences absurdes Stupid Science Monthly
Fresh Scent Savon lavande Lavender soap
Heavy Duty Savon orange Orange soap
How to Become a Fancy Waiter in Less than 20 Minutes Comment devenir un serveur raffiné en moins de 20 minutes Same
Ick Mousse verte Green moss
Inflatable pants Pantalon gonflable Same
Laugh box Boîte à rire Same
Magic Conch shell Coquillage magique Same
Monster Krabby Patty Pâté de crabe géant Giant crab patty
Ms. Nibsy Madame Framboise (Mademoiselle Nibsy in The Donut of Shame) Mrs. Raspberry (literally)
POOP (People Order Our Patties) POOP (Personne Obsédée par l'Obtention d'un Pâté) POOP (Person Obsessed by Obtaining a Patty)
Prof. Plankton's Mind Control Shampoo Le shampoing de votre esprit du Professeur Plankton Prof. Plankton's mind shampooing
Reef blower Aspira-souffleur ?
Restraining order Injonction d'éloignement Same
Splinter Écharde Same
Tan Accelerator Accélérateur de bronzage Same
W.I.F.E. F.E.M.E. (Jeune Fille Électronique Moderne à Équipement intégré) Modern Electronic Girl with Integrated Equipment
World's smallest violin Le plus petit violon du monde Same


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Theme Song



Objects and places localization

Time cards

Theme song

This is a comparison of the different versions of the French intro.


Captain: Prêts, les enfants ?
Kids: Oui, capitaine !
Captain: J'ai pas entendu !
Kids: Oui, capitaine !
Captain: Ohhhh...! Qui vit dans ananas dans la mer ?
Kids: Bob l'éponge carrée !
Captain: Qui compte bien y faire carrière ?
Kids: Bob l'éponge carrée !
Captain: Si vous avez un souhait, qui faut-il appeler ?
Kids: Bob l'éponge carrée !
Captain: Qui n'a pas peur des gros méchants poissons ?
Kids: Bob l'éponge carrée !
Captain and Kids: Bob l'éponge carrée ! Bob l'éponge carrée ! Bob l'éponge carrée !
Captain: Bob l'éponge... carrée ! [laughs]

Translation to English


'Captain:' Ready, kids?
'Kids:' Yes, captain!
'Captain:' I didn't hear!
'Kids:' Yes, captain!
'Captain:' Ohhhh ...! Who lives in pineapple in the sea?
'Kids:' Square Bob the Sponge!
'Captain:' Who intends to make a career there?
'Kids:' Square Bob the Sponge!
'Captain:' If you have a wish, who do you call?
'Kids:' Square Bob the Sponge!
'Captain:' Who is not afraid of big bad fish?
'Kids:' Square Bob the Sponge!
'Captain and Kids:' Square Bob the Sponge! Square Bob the Sponge! Square Bob the Sponge!
'Captain:' Square Bob the Sponge! [laughs]


  • While dubbing season 6, the original dubbing studio (Studio SOFI) went bankrupt, and the dubbing of the show got moved to another dubbing studio (Dôme Productions.)
  • In this dub, SpongeBob's first name is "Bob", not "SpongeBob".
  • The different colored faces in the intro were used in the first SpongeBob promo.[3]
  • In Belgium, Nickelodeon Wallonia airs the HD episodes in 576i, as the channel doesn't have a HD feed.
  • In Nickelodeon France's feed, the Nicktoons logo is intact (in the earlier seasons.)
  • In the earlier seasons, the background characters had different voices throughout the episodes.


  • In the intro, Painty says "Qui vit dans ananas," instead of "Qui vit dans un ananas."
  • Before the HD intro, when the Captain says "Oooooh...," one can see what looks like a microphone at the top of the screen that is not supposed to be there.
  • In some airings, the intro's vocals are out of sync with the instrumental.
  • In "Truth or Square," at the end of the theme song, the screen is frozen in the middle of SpongeBob dancing, just to show the logo.
  • In the HD intro, before SpongeBob plays his nose flute, his irises are transparent.
  • In a lot of episodes, some crew members' names are misspelled.

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