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Bob Esponja (Bob Sponge) is the European Spanish dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants.


The series arrived to terrestrial television on Antena 3, later it was also shown on the sister channel, Neox. TVE got the terrestrial television rights to the show in 2009 where it became a hit on their children's channel, Clan TVE. As of 2020, SpongeBob is featured in some way in the cover of the channel's monthly magazine.

The series briefly aired on Cuatro in 2011 only broadcasting Season 1, its stay on the channel was famous for its exaggerated promotion.

Nickelodeon's Iberian feed only airs recent seasons (starting from season 6 - though at one stage in October 2020 they aired season 5), Clan TVE still airs older seasons. Nickelodeon also skips a few specials like Truth or Square and The Clash of Triton from the older seasons and doesn't air Christmas Who?, said episode aired on Clan TVE in Christmas 2020.

On both Clan TVE and Nickelodeon, the series is broadcast with two audio tracks, Spanish and English, on "DUAL" (SAP).

As of December 2020, Nickelodeon is on season 12 and Clan TVE is on season 11.

On MTV Spain they throw it out sometimes.


Original Name Spanish name Actor Episodes
SpongeBob SquarePants Bob Esponja Pantalones Cuadrados Alex Saudinós 1a - Present Day
Patrick Star Patricio Estrella César Díaz Capilla 1a - Present Day
Squidward Tentacles Calamardo Tentáculos Alberto Closas Jr. 1a - 89b 114a - Present day
Miguel Campos 91a-112b
Eugene H. Krabs (Mr. Krabs) Eugene H. Cangrejo (Sr. Cangrejo) (Don Cangrejo in season 1) Luis Grandío 1a - Present Day
Sandy Cheeks Arenita Mejillas Montse Herranz 1c - Present Day
Sheldon J. Plankton Sheldon J. Plankton Juan Rueda 3b - Present Day (except 138b)
Alberto Closas Jr. 138b
Mermaid Man Tritón Man Ángel Rodríguez 6a - Present Day (except 20b)
? 20b
Barnacle Boy Chico Percebe José Frías 6a - Present Day
Flying Dutchman Holandés Errante Alfredo Belichón 13a - Present Day
Pearl Krabs Perla Silvia Gambino 8b - Present Day

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  • Squidward's Spanish name, Calamardo, is based on "calamari," a type of squid. The Spanish word for squid is also calamar.
  • Squilliam's name changes throughout the episodes. In "Band Geeks," his name was "Esquiliam" (can be pronounced "Ski-liam" in English,) a translated pronunciation of his English name; in "Squilliam Returns," his name is "Guimardo" (A mix of the name "Guillermo" and "Calamardo,") in "Professor Squidward" and "I ♥ Dancing," his name is "Calamarón El Guay III" (Squilliam The Cool Guy III, "-ón" being a suffix for big objects,) and in "House Fancy," his name is "Calamardi Elegantínez" (Elegantínez coming from "elegante" (fancy,) and "-ez", a common suffix of Spanish last names that is the equivalent of the "-son" suffix of English last names.)
  • There are three versions of the intro's lyrics: the first one was used from the first to the second season, the second one was used from the third season onwards and the third one was used in the movie.
  • Bikini Bottom (Fondo de Bikini) was accidetally called by its original name in "The Ballad of Filthy Muck," when the narrator said "Parque de Bikini Bottom."


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