This is the page about Boaty (Gone). If you were looking for the article about Boaty from "No Free Rides", then see Boaty (No Free Rides).

Boaty is a boatmobile that appears in the episode "Gone" as the main antagonist.


It is a normal white and red boatmobile, with a yellow propeller.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Boaty are great friends at first, but soon SpongeBob believes that Boaty is out to get him. Since he believes that Boaty is out to harm him, he smashes the hood of it with an ax.

Boaty is not angry, but it once thought that SpongeBob had a meat puppet in his room that looks like Patrick, which he was jealous of. The fact that the meat puppet exists is true, but SpongeBob does not want him to know. Boaty hates Krabby Patties.


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