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{| align="center" ! colspan="4" style="background:#009900;"|'''<span style="color:white;><center><big>Contestants</big></center></span><br />
{| align="center" ! colspan="4" style="background:#009900;"|'''<span style="color:white;><center><big>Contestants</big></center></span><br />
{{H&amp;HSimple|2b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|4a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|5b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|11a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|2b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|4a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|5b|16 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|11a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|16b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|17a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|26b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|39a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|16b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|17a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|26b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|39a|10 HP}}
Line 28: Line 28:
{{H&amp;HSimple|51|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|52a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|69a|12 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|74a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|51|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|52a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|69a|12 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|74a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|75b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|77b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|78b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|83b|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|75b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|77b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|78b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|83b|5 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|84a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|88b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|94a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|100b|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|84a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|88b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|94a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|100b|10 HP}}
Line 44: Line 44:
{{H&amp;HSimple|191a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|195b|13 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|199b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|201b|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|191a|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|195b|13 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|199b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|201b|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|228b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|231b|7 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|232a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|228b|10 HP}}{{H&amp;HSimple|232a|10 HP}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|123-124|52nd place|Red}}
{{H&amp;HSimple|231b|51st place|Red}}{{H&amp;HSimple|123-124|52nd place|Red}}
|- align=" center"="" !="" colspan="4" |'''<span=""><center><big>Eliminated</big></center></span>
|- align=" center"="" !="" colspan="4" |'''<span=""><center><big>Eliminated</big></center></span>
|}{{Hurt and Heal}} <ac_metadata title="Hurt and Heal: Yellow episode titlecards"> </ac_metadata>
|}{{Hurt and Heal}} <ac_metadata title="Hurt and Heal: Yellow episode titlecards"> </ac_metadata>

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Welcome to the next installment of Hurt and Heal. As the name implies, this will feature only episodes that have yellow titlecards. Only one episode will win! Discussion mods are welcome to update it when I'm away.


  • You may only vote every 3 hours.
  • After 17 eliminations, this will go down to 2
  • After 34 eliminations, this will go down to 1.
  • All episodes start at 10 HP.


  • You have 3 HP at your disposal to hurt and/or heal episodes with.
  • After 17 eliminations, this will go up to 4.
  • After 34 eliminations, this will go up to 5.
  • All episodes start at 10 HP.
  • The maximum HP an episode can have is 25.
  • If I give you a kudos, your vote has been entered. DO NOT edit your vote after it's kudosed.


  • +3 aaa
  • -3 bbb
  • +2 aaa, -1 bbb
  • -2 bbb, +1 aaa
Ripped Pants title card
Naughty Nautical Neighbors title card
Home Sweet Pineapple title card
MuscleBob BuffPants title card
The Paper title card
Arrgh! title card
Squidville title card
Jellyfish Hunter title card
My Pretty Seahorse title card
The Bully title card
Can You Spare a Dime? title card
Rock-a-Bye Bivalve title card
Party Pooper Pants title card
Chocolate with Nuts title card
Krusty Towers title card
Bummer Vacation title card
That&#039;s No Lady title card
Rule of Dumb title card
Best Frenemies title card
Waiting title card
Spy Buddies title card
SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget title card
Blackened Sponge title card
Stanley S. SquarePants title card
The Splinter title card
Sun Bleached title card
No Nose Knows title card
Squid&#039;s Visit title card
Shuffleboarding title card
Chum Bucket Supreme title card
Pineapple Fever title card
Greasy Buffoons title card
Summer Job title card
Rodeo Daze title card
Big Sister Sam title card
The Hot Shot title card
Sentimental Sponge title card
Sweet and Sour Squid title card
House Sittin&#039; for Sandy title card
Home Sweet Rubble title card
InSPONGEiac title card
Treats! title card
For Here or to Go title card
License to Milkshake title card
Squid Plus One
Larry&#039;s Gym
Lame and Fortune
Bulletin Board
Grandmum&#039;s The Word
Mustard O&#039; Mine
Ink Lemonade
Truth or Square
H&H (VE)

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