Credit goes to CheeseRoxTheWorld for the idea two-way counting games and SpongeBob13579 for the idea of using characters in counting games! In this game, there are two teams: The IJLSA and the E.V.I.L!


  • If your username starts with the letters A-M or numbers, you are part of the IJLSA!
    • The goal for the IJLSA is to count up to 100.
  • If your username starts with the letters N-Z or symbols, you are part of the E.V.I.L.!
    • The goal for the E.V.I.L. is to count down to 0.
  • The game starts at 50.
    • It restarts once the IJLSA makes it to 100 or the E.V.I.L. makes it to 0.
  • No swearing.
  • No spamming.
  • No irrelevant comments.



  • Ability: Gives the user a choice of stunning three users from the E.V.I.L., reversing three IJLSA users' stuns, or going up 10 numbers.
    • An IJLSA user can use Mermaid Man once every 3 days
Barnacle Boy
  • Ability: Goes up 5 numbers.


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III 028
  • Ability: Gives the user a choice of stunning three users from the IJLSA, reversing three E.V.I.L. users stuns, or going down 10 numbers.
    • An E.V.I.L. user can use Man Ray once every 3 days.
Patrick-Man! 35
  • Ability: Goes down 5 numbers.


[[File:|{{#if:none|125x95px|Captain Tightwad|link=Captain Tightwad|center]]
  • Ability: Makes you or the user above you switch sides.
[[File:|{{#if:none|125x95px|The Moth|link=The Moth|center]]
  • Ability: Stuns the user above you.
[[File:|{{#if:none|125x95px|Patrick Man|link=Patrick Man|center]]
  • Ability: Reverses the stun of a user of your choice.

Special Characters

  • Ability: Stuns three users, reverses three users, and adds/subtracts 10 numbers (depending on the team you are in)
    • Atomic Flounder can be said by a certain user every game.
The quickster
  • Ability: Doubles the effect of a character (i.e. The Quickster and Barnacle Boy means that you count up 10 numbers).
    • You cannot use The Quickster with Captain Tightwad or Atomic Flounder.
    • The Quickster can be said by a user every 3 days.
    • You cannot use The Quickster if he was used 6 hours ago.
Dr. Negative
  • Ability: Disables a character for 24 hours (i.e. Doctor Negative and Captain Tightwad means you cannot use Captain Tightwad for a day).
    • Doctor Negative can be used once every 2 days.

Character Rules

  • A user can say a character every three hours.
  • A user can't post a character if the previous post has one.
  • Breaking the rules results in an automatic stun.
  • Have fun!
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