Welcome to one of the newest installments to the "Count Or Restart" series of forum games! This time, we count to 24 WITHOUT saying "Pretty Patties" as we go.


  • Everybody starts at 1.
  • If someone says "Pretty Patties", we restart.
    • You cannot say this if the number is 1.
      • If someone says "Patty Hype", we advance by 3 numbers.
        • You cannot say this if the number is 21 or greater.
      • If someone says "Sequin Milkshakes", we go down 3 numbers.
        • You cannot say this if the number is 4 or lesser.
      • If someone says "Bow-Tie French Fries", we go down 10 numbers.
        • You cannot say this if the number is 11 or lesser.
      • If someone says "Poll of Fate", they must add a poll to determine which award/penalty is given out. The one with 5 votes will win, and the poll will be replaced with whatever won.
        • ONLY use the power that wins.
          • You can only add "Sequin Milkshakes" if the number is 5 or higher and "Bow-Tie French Fries" if the number is 12 or higher.
          • You can only add "Pretty Patties" if the number is 2 or higher.
          • You cannot add "Poll of Fate" as an option.
            • The game temporarily stops when someone says this.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not swear.
  • Do not make irrelevant comments.
  • You cannot use images or any other related media to make numbers.
  • If the previous comment is yours, do not reply to it.
  • Breaking any of the rules means you will become stunned for 24 hours (equivalent to 1 day), which means the only power you will be able to use is "Pretty Patties".
    • When adding a comment while stunned, add "STUNNED" in bold to it.
    • If you break the secondary rule about saying "Pretty Patties", your access to powers will be revoked for a specific time shorter than the stun.
      • Breaking another rule while stunned will lead to an extension of it.

Let's Begin!


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