Spongebob456 wrote:

Demigod brendan wrote: Hol' up...FishTank really IS actively monitoring this thread. As 120d said, if Fandom Staff wants us to limit the galleries, why aren't they sending one of their Staff cronies to ask us? And if any users on the ESB Crew are getting orders from Fandom Staff to have this discussion, they should be honest about it and tell us IMO.

Again, I support the idea of a limit. People have pointed out that the galleries for non-HD episodes have way too many images and are just bad quality. I agree, so I'd like to see some action taken against the bad galleries.

But a MUCH bigger issue that is probably hindering SEO way more is the rampant subgalleries for minor things. Out of the 20,000 pages on here, it seems like more than 60% are random subgalleries. Clicking on Random Page will almost ALWAYS get you to a subgallery. Nobody's coming here for those, they just look at the general episode galleries and the general character galleries, and that's it. I swear, nobody on Earth wants to see Galley Grub/gallery/The Ballad of Filthy Muck. Minor object subgalleries are so unnecessary that someone requested a bylaw review about them, ESB:Convention/Bylaws reviews - Content/Subtopic1 in February. But as far as I can tell, the admins never even looked at it.

I can 100% categorically say this was my decision, mine alone, and something I'd be pondering over for a long time.

Regarding subgalleries, I agree with you - they need heavily trimming and me and AMK have had some thoughts on that. I'll let him know of the proposal.

I am wondering whether one thing at a time is something we need to consider, getting this resolved first. But for now we'll leave the proposal up to at least gain some consensus too while we're on the topic of galleries.

Your first paragraph is just digging this discussion's grave even deeper. If it was merely your idea, then there is even less reason for us to do this. I'm not necessarily saying that your ideas are bad, although your recent track record speaks for itself, I'm saying that if only one person is truly demanding we make this change and a few people are in support, then it just seems pointless. If Staff was demanding this, then there would be a reason to be having this discussion as, while I don't entirely trust their statistics and research, I at least trust that they have a reason, no matter how stupid that reason might be. It is no wonder you don't want to tell Staff to make changes to the site, they have nothing to do with this and will probably look down on you for even suggesting making an unnecessary change. (Oh, the irony.)

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