Chickenkrispies wrote: My personal solution is that maybe there shouldn't be a set limit that all galleries follow, but rather we just make an effort to delete/not upload images that are either redundant or convey no new information.

For instance if we have say 4 images from a specific scene where it's just Squidward standing at the cash register, and the only difference between them is that he makes different facial expressions, we really don't need all 4 and could just cut it down to 1. In this instance the images portray the scene, but we only need 1 to understand what is happening. All the other 3 images do is add no new information other than that Yes, Squidward is capable of multiple facial expressions. What a shocker.

I kind of like the general idea with this one, where you limit future uploads instead of trying to impose a ban on images for galleries that are more or less complete. However, I can see that there are some drawbacks to this, with people possibly complaining that future galleries are inconsistent with older galleries or people complaining that they are just trying to make the galleries look consistent by uploading more images. I genuinely think that there should just not be any limitation, at least not until the galleries are complete. I understand that will be difficult considering the show is still on the air, meaning that they will be releasing new episodes (and another movie) while we would be doing that, meaning that there will be more galleries to complete.

I think, for now, this discussion should be closed and revisited when the galleries are complete. I really don't think this discussion was worthy of being #2 on 456's list of things to discuss. It certainly wasn't worthy enough to be a bell notification thing.

If you are still worried about SEO, then write your local representative or maybe even your Internet provider and demand that everyone get the highest speed Internet. That is the only true way to increase views and help everyone avoid load times. Otherwise, we are just appealing to impatient people, which you should never try to do because no matter what you try to do, there will always be something to complain about, especially with load times, which is partially caused by Planned obsolescence, which is a whole other problem that you can write to your local representative about.

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