Spongebob456 wrote: Luv Starfire1: Hey, thanks for the feedback. I get where you're coming from. I think the issue is finding a balance and also being consistent. It's easier to say "limit all galleries" rather than "limit some but not XYZ".

Regarding the sight gags, that is a valid point that I'd need to consider more. What differentiates SpongeBob from something like Star Wars is that there is more visual comedy which I accept.

I was wondering if we could find a compromise here. I acknowledge my gallery of 25 images came across as extreme to some. Would there be a way to get episode galleries at least down to double figures perhaps? I can have a crack and am happy to, but would you be willing to have a go at trimming a gallery down to double figures? It doesn't matter what exact number.

I understand it's a change you disagree with and it's asking a fair bit, but I'd be interested to see if it's something someone who uses the galleries could try out and if successful, something that other users might get on board with. :)

I've already provided a perfectly fine solution that one could consider a compromise. In case you missed it or purposefully ignored it, my solution is to have the Internet speed increased by Internet provider companies. It helps literally everyone. It helps those of us who don't want the galleries trimmed. It helps those who want more views on the galleries. It helps FANDOM get more revenue. It helps advertisers get more views to their ads. It helps FANDOM to create a version of their site that works for every platform and makes it so no one has to be inconvenienced. It helps everyone get faster Internet. There are literally no downsides to doing this. Nobody has to lose.

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