AMK152 wrote: I don't see an issue with reducing galleries. If someone wants to retain an image for another page, they can do so, like of an object or minor character. If you want to see the whole story, you can just watch the episode. 300 images for an 11 minute episode is overboard.

We could certainly find a compromise in all of this to address concerns--let's do that.

There is no need to compromise as the only ones who are in support of this are the admins. There is also no way to compromise. It is not like those of us who oppose reducing the galleries will just accept reducing it a little. Reducing the gallery at all makes us lose.

Also, who cares if there are 300 images for an 11-minute episode? It is not harming anyone. It is not stopping anyone from doing anything else on this wiki. It is not interfering with any design elements. It looks like those who are in support of this just want to get rid of images for no reason.

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