While I would love to respond to EarthlingnAkumi directly, I cannot. While I am not a lawyer, I doubt that she is either. Transformative works are not the only things that are protected under fair use law. This wiki is protected, so this is not a factor in this debate. I should also point out that EarthlingnAkumi has no record of experience with ESB galleries, which implies that she is a "FishTank", someone brought it to support 456 by using illogical, incorrect, and otherwise harmful statements, which cause the wiki to overreact and think something is more of a problem than it actually is. While she has edited on this wiki before this, it has mostly been in forums.

Regarding the other half of this discussion, I feel as if there is little to no demand for this, viewership won't change or it won't be a significant change. This is unnecessary and not a problem that needs to be addressed, at least not right now. There are more things like gallery organization that need to be dealt with first. Of course, you can't discuss that, can you? Since, you know, everyone agrees that galleries should be organized. It seems like the only reason this was brought up is that it was the first thing that 456 could come up with that could spark a discussion. Well, either that or he is salty about his proposal not passing, so 456 thought that if he can't move the galleries, then at least, he can trim them down. Of course, I doubt that is even something he wants or cares about. He cares about making the Staff happy. Why? I have no idea. I don't know why he thinks he needs to since anything they could do to him can be repealed and get those who did it in trouble.

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